To address the social, economic and environmental challenges by aligning University operations, teaching and learning, research and innovation, internal and external campus activities with UN defined SDGs, thus contributing towards the sustainable development and become an SDG-engaged University.


UCP office of sustainability will pursue the following mission:

  1. To make/adopt policies that are conducive to SDG enablement in all domains of University activities.
  2. To align the University’s core functions of operations and governance, academics, research and innovation Internal and external activities with SDGs.
  3. To continuously map the University activities with UN SDGs and carry out gap analysis leading to initiatives focused on enhancing contribution towards SDGs.
  4. To promote University education and research towards sustainability and SDGs.
  5. To enhance on-campus and off-campus activities in spreading the importance of SDGs engagement through awareness sessions, sustainability drives, competitions, and industrial collaborations.
  6. To develop alliance(s) with local and international associations/organisations for capacity building, knowledge sharing, and cross-cultural programmes.