Initiative to Decrease Vehicle Parking at University

UCP campuses have international standard parking facilities. This does not only make parking easy but also reduces the time to park thus controlling carbon emissions at the campus. Nevertheless, campus traffic and parking issues are serious concerns for the universities due to which faculty, staff, and students face problems. UCP’s management is keen to reduce the carbon emissions from vehicles by better management of parking facility and Pick & Drop facility. To deal with these issues following steps are taken or are in process:

  • Providing shuttle bus service to the students, faculty, and staff members (already provided)
  • In addition to the shuttle bus service, UCP provides Pick and Drop bus service to students to reduce the flow of personal vehicles
  • Planning to reduce unnecessary parking at the UCP campus
  • Encouraging and facilitating carpooling for students, faculty, and staff
  • Reducing the distance traveled by vehicles in the parking area by using empty space indicators and electronic boards
  • Planning to subsidize the bus rates to encourage students to use this service
  • Improving management of Parking areas to minimize traveling of vehicles in these areas
  • UCP management is working on improving the Pick and Drop lane to reduce the time per pick and drop