Paper Usage Policy

Climate change has gained prominent attention and it has rightly been called the greatest challenge of our age. UCP being a leading seat of learning plans to contribute to real environmental improvement. Keeping sustainable development and energy conservation issues in mind, UCP has already in collaboration with M/S Premier Energy embarked upon the renewable solar energy solutions? As of today, 1/4th of the total energy consumption is being produced through state of the art grid-tired solar system.

Recent studies associated with global warming, deforestation, and emission of greenhouse gasses show that the environmental impact of paper consumption is quite significant in the overall scenario.

The primary raw material of paper is wood fiber from trees. Because trees absorb and store Carbon, therefore healthy forests are critical to controlling climate change. In order to honor our environmental commitments and sensitize all the stakeholders, it is advised that deliberate efforts be made to reduce the unnecessary paper printing. That will not only ensure a cleaner environment but also lead towards the economical use of resources.

UCP is moving towards a paperless environment and the following actions are expected from faculty, staff, and students:

  1. Prefer emails for correspondence avoiding the use of paper
  2. While printing, use both sides of the paper wherever possible
  3. Review and proofread the documents before printing to avoid any wastage of paper
  4. If selected portions of a report or document are needed limit your printing to that
  5. Use the back side of the papers with one side printing
  6. Use the UCP web portal or Moodle for providing documents to students, including assignments, projects, articles, books etc.
  7. Accept students’ work online wherever possible
  8. Use multimedia projector instead of paper handouts for classroom discussions
  9. Try to share copies wherever possible to reduce paper printing
  10. Make exact number of copies for examinations and meetings to avoid wastage of paper
  11. Use WhatsApp and other such applications of communication to reduce printing
  12. Eliminate duplication of documents i.e. online and printed copies
  13. Reuse paper envelopes
  14. Keep smaller paper chits for writing short messages or other material
  15. Promote electronic backups as compared paper files
  16. Use and promote recycled paper wherever possible
  17. Minimize use of disposable paper products

Let us contribute in moving towards a safe and healthy environment. Please do share suggestions, if any for effective implementation of this green initiative.

Paper Conservation Initiatives in UCP Library

  1. The library is not receiving these in hard form since January 2018 to avoid paper consumption. We receive soft copies of the thesis and upload on our institutional repository. This does not only save paper but also for library space.
  2. To avoid photocopies of book chapters or library resources, the library has provided the scanning facility to the UCP community.
  3. For internal communication, we circulate the instructions through email instead of papers, we also reuse the paper if it is printed on one side.
  4. I hope that this will add somewhere in the contribution. I hope and pray for a success in this regard.