Air Pollution Policy

Air pollution is perhaps the most dangerous form of pollution as it directly affects everyone and there is no escape if one has to be at a polluted place. Industrialization and an increase in the number of vehicles are the two major causes of air pollution and on the other side, trees are cut, which provide oxygen and help to reduce air pollution. We want to control air pollution and reduce it to a minimum at the UCP campus and at the same time send this message to all the students, faculty, and staff members to support this cause and promote it wherever they live. The following are some of the key elements of our policy:

  1. Making strict rules regarding creating air pollution at UCP campus
  2. Imposing fines and penalties in case of violation of rules
  3. No smoking in the campus
  4. No burning of any waste at any time in the campus or near the campus
  5. Proposal for proper disposal of waste without creating any air or water pollution
  6. Fines and penalties for any violations of pollution-related rules
  7. Carbon emissions are calculated and we work to gradually reduce these emissions
  8. Minimum emission air conditions and other devices
  9. Not allowing vehicles creating smoke or unusual emissions
  10. Keeping power generators in best conditions with clean filters keeping the emissions to the minimum
  11. Regular tree plantation campaigns at UCP campus and in the nearby areas