The second half of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century have seen tremendous development and transformation in technologies and behaviors. Universities are an important aspect of this growth and transformation, both as recipients of this change and as change makers. During this period universities have grown from first-generation universities where the goal was to teach past theories and practices to fourth-generation universities where the goal is to research new ways of creating knowledge and to transfer this innovative knowledge to the future generation through partnerships with other sectors of the economy and society. This creates a greater socioeconomic & environmental responsibility on the universities with a futuristic approach that is both sustainable and productive. This is only possible when universities commit themselves to the principles of SDGs and like other living organisms transform and evolve sustainably.

The University of Central Punjab through the Office of Sustainability is committed to achieving this goal by inculcating the guidelines of SDGs in its teaching methodologies, courses and behaviors of its students, faculty and administration. UCP stands by the four pillars of learning (a) inculcation of knowledge, (b) protection of truth, (c) formulation of critical thinking, and (d) preservation of local and global culture and at the same time bringing a mix of future sustainability principles, without compromising the influence of technologies that are important for this process of transformation from the present into the future. Therefore UCP, through its Office of Sustainability, is committed to change sustainably and responsibly.

Dr. Nassar Ikram

University of Central Punjab