UCP is committed to deploying and utilizing modern and reduced carbon emission advanced technologies to promote a healthy environment on its campus and surroundings.

UCP has invested in green and sustainable technologies by installing one of the largest solar power plants in the education sector of the country. UCP recognizes that renewable energy is without any doubt the future of Pakistan as it will reduce the greenhouse gases and increasing pressure on the current account of the country. The installed solar energy production capacity at UCP is 512 kW. This investment has reduced the carbon emission substantially and has contributed towards reduction of coal usage in the country. Moreover, UCP has also invested in SMD lights which are highly energy efficient besides inverter ACs and efficient fans which also consume reduced energy and power. UCP has also invested in water efficient taps and toilet flushes to conserve water and play its role in a healthy and sustainable environment of Pakistan. All these investments have been made keeping in view sustainability as a long-term goal so that the future generations do not suffer. UCP is an environmentally responsible institution and is well aware of all the responsibilities it needs to fulfill in order to diminish pollution and waste levels in Pakistan.